Tuesday, 24 May 2011


Materials like chairs, woods, carpets, clothes, glass, metals amongst others; are materials found in or on the Earth. Chemical reactions helped manufacturers to make these raw materials become useful, attractive, and durable. The earth’s crust provides abundant amount of minerals, rocks, and fossil fuels. A mineral is a single substance, which has a chemical name and formula. A rock is a mixture of different minerals. Examples of minerals are limestone and rock salts. Their purest from are called calcium carbonate (CaCo3) and Sodium Chloride ( NaCl), respectively.

It is believed that when the Earth cooled down millions of years after the birth of the solar system, its molten crust solidified into igneous rocks. Over millions of years, the geological
changes that took place in the life of the Earth, other types of rocks were created that include sedimentary and metamorphic rocks.

Have a look at these rock photos that I personally took some weeks back.

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  1. Great pics and explanation of rocks genitics. Thanks for sharing. :)